My name is Kaylea and this is my blog.  Why BakeMorePie?  Because I’m the kind of person who always has pie close by.  Whether it’s cooling on the counter, leftover in the fridge, or still in frozen dough form in the freezer I’m always less than an hour away from pie.

My husband, Chris, and I move around a lot for the work that we do, so we had to learn how to cook the foods we missed from back home, home for us being Texas.  Even though we travel we have two brother cats, Ezio and Giovanni (Gio for short) as well as a dog named Sophie.

Ezio is the White One; Gio is the Black Ninja


Happy Sophie

Together we travel across the United States searching out new recipes and learning how different people live in different places.  Eventually we want to travel outside of the United States, but for now we try to make the best of what we have.  My love for photography and baking has led me to start this blog, and I’m hoping some of that love will transfer over to some of you.

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  1. This is great. Not only will it allow us to connect with you while you two work in lots of places, we get to see, read about and drool over your latest delicacies! Nice job, Kaylea.


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